10 craziest and luxurious prisons and jails in the world.

A prison (also known as a jail) is an area surrounded by boundaries where convicted criminals are detained and imprisoned. Some prisoners serve long sentences or life imprisonment while some await trial. Those with short deadlines are probably locked in a jail rather than in prison.
The prisons are run by the government. Other words for the prison include “penitentiary,” “jail,” or “jail” (pronounced “jail”), and “correctional facility.” Some prisons or jails are known as satellite camp, normal prison, special prison for death row and maximum security prison. All the inmates are required to wear a particular prison uniform with different bright colors of orange, blue, and green depending on the prison in order to differentiate the severity of crime. For example, some prisoners who are prison workers may wear orange, or some prisoners with worst criminal records wear red uniforms or vice versa.

A person who has been charged with a crime, but who has not yet been convicted in a court of law, can be sent to jail if:

*The police have arrested the person and are deciding whether to send her/him to court
*If the court believes that the person can not go to trial
*If the court believes that the person may be a danger to the community
*The court has asked for release under bail but the person can not afford or pay the amount.

People detained in prisons are called inmates or prisoners. Those who have been sentenced to prison due to a crime are also called convicts.

People who have been sentenced to hang till death also remain in prison until their execution.

In some countries, prisons are also used for political purpose. Sometimes people who do not agree with the leader or government of the country can be put into jail. This is against the rule of Democracy though. In times of war, prisoners of war can also be held in prisons.

Today, almost all prisons around the world are overcrowded; the inmates live like animals. Prisoners are subject to savage punishment, disease and, in some cases, little or no hope of surviving their prayers. They live in such a misery. Some poor unfortunate prisoners in certain facilities have days that include rapes, brutal beatings and psychological torment. and many other reasons, prison is too often the nightmare that never wakes up. Since we know that the sight of some of these places can easily scare anyone directly (even if you have seen Oz).

The alleged purpose of the prison is to rehabilitate people who have gone astray, and depending on the seriousness of their crimes, sending them back to the world as productive and improved members of society. Over the years, that system has been lost, becoming more money and punishment than reforms. As a society, how can we expect people to change when we treat them so bad? When we do little to help them? Or, worse, when we turn someone’s life into an inferno on Earth?

Prison is a word which is enough to give night terrors to everyone. The word itself can easily send shivers down the spine. But imagine a place where someone wakes you up politely, provides you with your favourite food and allows you to plan your activities throughout the day. Of course, we’re talking about prison, but only if you’re lucky.

Here, we have organized a list of the 10 craziest and luxurious prisons and jails in the world.

This is the place that you always want to be in.

1 Bastoy Prison, Norway

This prison is located in Bastoy Island in the middle of the Oslofjord . It is a very attractive spot surrounded by extremely mesmerizing and captivating views with minimum amount of security. More than 100 prisoners live in wooden cottages and they also use the farm of the prison as a place of work .The prisoners spend their spare time in playing Tennis, Horse riding, Fishing, Sunbathing and also the cross country skiing. Prisoners have all the basic facilities fairly equal to human rights without any biasness. Surroundings are so beautiful that can easily eradicate the negativities prevailing in a person and can motivate them to be a responsible member of a society.

This year, the prison was awarded the 2014 Blanche Major Reconciliation Prize for “promoting human values and tolerance.” The re-offending rate of inmates after leaving this prison is around 16%, compared to the European average of 70%, so their methods are surely working.

2 HMP Addiewell, Scotland


It is located in Southern Scotland .Sodexo Justice Services manage this j

ail .The prisoners spend 40 hours per a week learning work activities in order to catch up with the outer society. So, this prison gives every inmate the chance to come back to a new life and a different look about life.

3 Otago Corrections Facility, NewZealand

This prison ,you can say,”a factory”,because it teaches the prisoners a lot of skills such as Cooking, Dairy Farming, and Electrical Engineering. Perhabs the cell phone in your hand is from Otago Correction Facility, as it shows how to produce cell phones ,microwaves and jammers.

4 Justice Center Leoben, Austria

There are two inscriptions on the perimeter of this prison in Styria, Austria: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” which is taken from The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and “All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person.”

In Justice Center Leoben, the prisoner has a private room, a private bathroom; television and a kitchenette.There are also a gymnastic room and a basketball court. Prisoners are allowed to wear their clothes. The walls are made of pure wood which has shatter proof glass. Prisoners can move from one cell to another freely, also every cell has a balcony, so it is quite easy for the prisoners to live a normal life and socialize with other prisoners.

5 Aranjuez Prison, Spain

This prison is called the premier prison for the families. It is notable for being the only prison in the world with cells for families. In this prison the child can stay with his parents and spend the day with them but when the roll calls it is over.Normally, if a baby is born to an inmate, the child is sent to live with family on outside the prison, or goes into foster care. But this special Spanish prison allows the children to stay with their parents behind bars up until they are 3-years-old. The child has enough toys, and other children to play with, and still gets to build a strong bond with their parents. The prison hopes to give families a better chance of a normal life after their sentence is served.

6 Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland

This prison is regarded as the most overcrowded one in Europe; also there are the problems of riots and diseases. There was a hard criticism about this jail, but, Switzerland seeks for the changing step of this jail. The reconstruction of this prison cost $40 million by the support of Geneva Prison. It has recently constructed a new block which is enhanced with all the latest and updated facilities and equipped with private bathrooms. All the luxuries and facilities in it are as comfortable as a 3-star hotel.

7 Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

This jail is a big shock for everyone sees it It is a women prison and located in Indonesia. It is the most sumptuous prison from the other Indonesian prisons. Here the women are allowed to spend their weekend having their own air conditioner, refrigerator, and the karaoke machine. It holds a large number of drug addicts there and the main purpose is to reduce the drug crime among the people. They are also provided with the beauty salon and beading classes with some extra charges. They are also provided with some rehabilitation facilities to the drug addicts to reduce the rate of it.

8 JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany

JVA Fuhlasbuettel Prison is the one which is a strange prisons and known for its ambience and décor . Germany has given a look of a typic castle to this jail which includes very large living rooms, private bathrooms with the shower and also desks in it. The prisoners are equipped with the brand new washers and dryers so that they can do their laundry easily which are not normally provided in prisons.There is also a conference room for them. Everything you will need in your holiday will be in JVA Prison such as couches, desks and your good meals.

9 Sollentuna Prison, Sweden

Sollentuna Prison is the one which gives the opportunity of the different workout techniques for the prisoners over there and to keep them in perfect shape. It has a well equipped fully loaded gym in it.
This jail includes a security camera that shows weight room, the kitchen, and there is also a private bathroom for everyone in jail. In addition, there is a television for the inmate.
they also cook their meals and even equipped with TV. It more sounds like a home rather than prisoners and was closed down for few years because it lacks the prisoners in it. Sweden has spent much energy, time and money to reduce the crime ratio and also to prevent it at some rate. So, you can live in a luxury apartment for free, but with a small condition which is to “commit a crime”.

10 Cebu Prison, Philippines

In Cebu Prison the prisoners spend their time singing and dancing by choosing musical numbers.It is not only a prison but is also called as the ‘Rehabilitation Center’ which provides different entertainment facilities includes the dance classes there. This program is called CPDRC Dancing inmates. It stands for Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center. The program is about recording the routines of the prisoners in jail and comes under the supervision of Byron F.Garcia, who is the leader of the prison.They also provide established choreography, and then their videos are posted online. They then became popular due to the internet and people watch their routine daily tasks on the internet.

In a nutshell, prison sometimes is not that bad one as it is portrayed, but also the jail is a jail even if it is equipped with all the five star facilities and equivalent to a palace, it will still remain a prison.

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