Top 10 Facts About American Bully Dogs

10 – A Good Protection Dog

The American Bully is basically fierce in appearance and loyal by nature, that’s why it is considered a good protection dog. It is really the best guard if it is given a good training to protect anything then it proves itself an excellent guard. It has very strong smelling sense and through which it can easily detect the existence of any wrong thing in its surrounding.

9 – Emotional Bonding with Keeper

The American Bully has the capability to make an emotional bond with its keeper. It needs very much attention of its keeper. It is a very active and energetic dog. It loves to play and it demands the proper response from its keeper. Even it becomes anger when it sees something wrong to his keeper and it protects him even it has to lose his life. If you spend proper time with it daily then it will become your best friend and will never leave you.

8 – Easy To Groom

Unlike a great number of other dog breeds, the American Bully does

not need grooming or almost daily-baths, it really does not take much work to maintain its health. The American bully basically has a very sleek coat without great excess shedding, they do not need a bath so frequently like other dog breeds.

7 – Sturdy Appearance

The seventh very interesting thing about this latest dog breed is that it is very compact, sturdy and sleek build dog. The American Bully basically has a strong but a little bit fierce appearance, it has broad chest along with very sturdy land well-muscled legs, that’s why it is a perfect protection dog.

6 – They Need Exercise

If you want to keep American Bully in your home as a pet then you should make your mind of providing it the complete facilities of exercising. T

his dog breed extremely loves getting outside to enjoy and to exercise. The American bully can even live happily in a small apartment if it is properly exercised, it loves running and jumping.

5 – American Bully Is Peaceful Unless Provoked

The fifth very interesting fact about the American Bully is that it is a very peaceful dog, it does not even think to attack you or your children unless it is highly provoked. Unlike some dog breeds, America bullies are considered very peaceful dogs, they are loving and extremely loyal by nature.

4 – Easily Trained

The American Bully is an intelligent dog. It can easily understand the teachings of its keeper. It is a fast learner and it can easily judge its surrounding. It observes the actions of its keeper and gives a very fast response. It knows that what it has to perform in the desired circumstances, that’s why it can be easily trained.

3 – Living Conditions and Life Expectancy

The American bully can even live happily in a small apartment if it is properly exercised. It is very interesting and a good thing about this dog breed that it is very active indoors and it will behave very well you even without a yard, it prefers warm climates. The life expectancy of the American Bully is about eight to twelve years.

2 – Origin of American Bully

The American bully is basically a latest and famous dog breed, established in 1990. This dog breed was in fact established with the aim of creating a courageous and ultimate family companion. The American bully was created by combining the AKC “American Staffordshire Terrier” and the UKC “American Pit Bull Terrier” in order to get the desired traits.

1 – Really Good Pet at Home

Lastly, I would say that no doubt American Bully proves it that it is the best pet at home because it makes a very strong bond with its keeper and all the family members. It has a loving nature and it wants to play with you and to cheer you all the time. But it requires sufficient exercise that will make it fit to live in a family. Obedience classes and agility classes should be delivered so that it can become a better family pet.


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